CFP: II International CROS Conference 2024
CFP: II Congreso Internacional CROS 2024


CROS is an interdisciplinary research group embedded within Ghent University (UGent) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) which bundles expertise on linguistic and cultural contacts across and within the Hispanic world and other speech communities. Its main aim consists in marshaling literary and linguistic research methods to explore contexts in which varieties of the Spanish language, literature, and culture enter into cross-pollination with other linguistic, literary, and cultural traditions.

Founded in 2015, CROS has expanded to encompass 4 senior researchers and 9 junior fellows (at postdoc-, predoc- and master level) affiliated with UGent and VUB. It has further strengthened its ranks by incorporating international partners and will continue to broaden its network in the future. CROS hosts a wide amalgam of activities to stimulate dialogue among its members as well as impact and visibility, including its annual internal study day and biannual international conference. Its gatherings have resulted in numerous landmark (co-authored) publications.



CROS’s area of research is broken down into 9 thematic axes, approached from both literary and linguistic vantage points. These include:


Multilingualism, multiculturalism, and foreign language acquisition

Contact linguistics and codeswitching

Identity construction

Migration and displacement

(Metaphoric) representations of and by people on the move

Space, place, and borders

Intermediality and generic hybridity as literary genres

Transgenerational narratives

Interlanguage pragmatics